New Payment Scheme & Results Of VS Ethermine Test

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Hey miners,

First of all welcome to all the newbies, we are happy to see community growing. We’ve been working on implementing a few updates to further improve your user experience.

Here’s what’s new:

1. TxFee is now displayed separately in the Rewards menu.

2. Starting from 03.07.2020 all pool payouts will be done once a day (if you’ve reached min payout amount) between 6 am and 12 pm UTC.

3. Submitted ZIL shares will be calculated differently

4. The results of Ethermine (ETH) & Ezil (ETH+ZIL) income comparison are here!

Now let’s get to the details:

1. TxFee is now displayed separately in the Rewards menu.

Mining is a money making business and we know that miners care about transparency of their income a lot. Since TxFee may vary from block to block we think it’s a good idea to show it separately so that you always know where the money came from.

2. We introduced daily pool payouts.

Starting from 03.07.2020 they will be done once a day (given that you’ve reached min payout amount) between 6 am and 12 pm UTC.

As you know (or not know) transaction fee for your payouts is on the house. But the current gas price 50 gWei incurs extra costs that are not compatible with the pool fee. To address this issue we have made the following amendments:

  • We have set up a gas price of 1 gWei for all the pool payouts and the pool will be mining that same transaction. Ethermine uses the similar scheme.
  • To minimize the impact of these transactions to miners’ income we have lowered the gas limit for other wallets and smart contracts to 21 000 and 45 000 respectively.
  • After a long discussion within the team we decide to switch to daily payouts. All transactions will be sent out at 6:00 UTC and will be confirmed within the blocks mines by Ezil pool. The estimated time for transactions confirmation is within 6 hours even if the pool has the worst possible round variance. Thus you will receive your rewards by 12 pm UTC.

3. Changes to ZIL mining calculations.

Before that we used a 20 mins window before the round started to calculate your ZIL rewards. Unfortunately this may open the door to some manipulations by bad actors. Now rewards are calculated based on the actual shares submitted by you during the ZIL round. Basically if you’re an honest miner nothing is going to change for you, but this will keep manipulators away. Now we switch to ZIL mining a little bit earlier so that there’s time to stabilize your hashrate.

4. And last but not least. We know you love income comparison. We conducted our own test Ethermine (ETH) vs Ezil (ETH+ZIL) and here are the results. We’ve been running the test from 22.06.2020 to 25.06.2020.

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The output:

  • The difference in ETH mined is 2.78% better with Ethermine.
  • Time spent to mine ETH — 1380 mins if you’re mining with Ezil, 1440 mins if you’re mining with Ethermine.
  • ETH+ZIL dual mining is 9.69% more profitable than ETH mining!
    The test was conducted by our team, so if you’re questioning the credibility of test results please share with us your own results. Actually whatever the test you run please always feel free to share the results with us. We love tests! It helps us to find ways to improve your income and user experience. Team

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