Last Days of 0% Promotion For ZIL Staking

Dear Miners,

As you know on October, 14 Zilliqa Team has successfully launched the long expected non-custodial staking on the mainnet. As one of the biggest mining pools for ZIL we have supported the initiative by launching our Staked Seed Node. This was aimed at providing our miners with quick and easy access to ZIL staking services as well as offering them another option for extra income.

We would like to thank you for choosing us. Currently there’s 121,810,014.672 ZIl staked with

Since we started our node we’ve been setting a 0% fee for our services as a temporary promotion for our miners and other users who have chosen us as their SSN operator. This way you could try ZIL staking services for free and make up your mind.

Now this promotion is coming to an end. Starting from November 22 we will be gradually raising the fee. No worries we will do our best to keep the fee at the minimum level enough to cover our infrastructure maintenance and service development costs.

Also we fully support the development and sustainable growth of Zilliqa ecosystem therefore we take our part in maintaining a healthy market competition with other node operators and building trust in our services and staking services in general.

You might have noticed that other SSN operators have started introducing the fees as well. We performed a thorough analysis of staking fees on the market and estimated our own infrastructure costs to ensure a stable node performance and calculated the minimal fee which will be both fair and reasonable for this service and will cover our operational costs.

How is going to introduce the fee?

  • First wave — from November, 22 we will set 1%
  • Second wave — from November, 27 onwards we will set 2%

Gradual introduction of staking fee will allow us to monitor the market fluctuations and make the best decisions based on the market data.

We are committed to providing the best possible service for both miners and stakers to make sure you get the highest income. Team

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Increase your profit with EZIL mining: ZIL+ETH / ZIL+ETC. ZIL staking node operator.

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