How to mine ETC after 'Thanos' upgrade with 3–4 Gb GPUs

Hey miners: is ready for ETC hard fork. Now we have our own pool for ETC and will no longer be mining via Ethermine!

Ethereum Classic has scheduled the long expected ‘Thanos’ hard fork to restore mining with older GPUs. This was crucial for many of you to give your 4Gb cards another chance to mine ETC.

The estimated date of the hard fork is November, 29.This hard fork is meant to decrease the size of the DAG file. As a result your 3 and 4 Gb cards will be able to mine ETC for another 2–3 years. The DAG file will be decreasing from 3.94 to 2.47 Gb. Which means the epoch will be changing every 60 000 blocks (previously it was 30 000!). ASIC devices will not be able to mine ETH!

To continue mining ETC after the hard fork please make sure you use one of the following miners that supports new algo and add the key or select the algo to enable mining. Details below.

The full list:


  • nanominer. Switching ETC mining from Ethash to EtcHash is hardcoded on epoch 390 (current ETC epoch is 383). No special changes in config is necessary, minimal config for ETC is the following: wallet = 0x9eab4b0fc468a7f5d46228bf5a76cb52370d068d coin = ETC
  • lolMiner. Added support for ETCHash. Use — algo ETCHASH to activate it.
  • GMiner 2.30 or later. Supports Etchash algorithm, use — algo etchash, miner auto switch to HF algorithm on epoch 390.
  • T-Rex 0.18.8 or later. Choose algo: etchash,— fork-at etchash=epoch:390
  • NBMiner v33.4 or later. Choose algo: etchash
  • SRBMiner-Multi 0.5.6 or later (AMD). Choose algo: etchash
  • Team Red Miner v0.7.18 or later (AMD). Support for etchash (use -a etchash) and dag caching for e.g. ETH+ZIL mining (use — eth_dag_cache=0), and other fixes.
  • PhoenixMiner 5.3b or later. Added support for the new ETCHash algorithm. If you want to mine ETC, you should add -coin etc to your command-line, or , COIN: etc to your epools.txt file. See the start_miner_etc.bat and epools_example.txt files for examples.

If you have any questions about these miners or the hard fork itself please refer to our Telegram chat.

Ezil team

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Increase your profit with EZIL mining: ZIL+ETH / ZIL+ETC. ZIL staking node operator.

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