Happy Gigahash at Ezil.me

Hello miners!

Some of you have noticed a mysterious WunderWaffle worker with huge hashrate who would randomly connect to Ezil.me miners account for a short period (about an hour).

The amount of hashrate was around 8–10 Gh/s.

What was the point of these mysterious experiments?

Honestly, we have no idea. But it was quite a good bonus for some of our miners.

As the stranger with 10 Gh/s is no longer active on the pool we decided to take over this activity as this is actually quite a nice bonus for our miners.

What does it mean?

Starting from 04.10.2019 every 24 hours we would randomly select one happy miner and connect 8–10 Gh/s to selected account for 1 hour.

Why are we doing this?

To reward Ezil miners for loyalty and express our gratitude.

Also, this will be a part of the pool’s new marketing campaign.

This is indeed a win-win moment.

Please note that this promotion has no time limit, but the pool has the right to stop it at any time.

Ezil.me team

Written by

Increase your profit with EZIL mining: ZIL+ETH / ZIL+ETC. ZIL staking node operator.

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