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Hey miners!

We are here with yet another pool update. We’ve been working on adding the necessary features over the past few weeks and now we’re proud to present Ezil Pool 1.0.

Here's a quick overview of Ezil 1.0 features:

  • New START page;
  • Manual change of minimum payout;
  • New Rewards page;
  • Ability to save your rewards as file;
  • Link to Telegram bot at stats page;
  • Multiple UI changes;

Now let's look into the new features:

  • New START page:

Starting mining with Ezil has never been easier! Quickly fill in a few fields with your data and copy your config file with mining settings. Simple as that.

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  • Manual change of minimum payout:

Pretty much every miner has asked for this one. You can set your preferable minimum payout at the stats page, please bear in mind that you cannot put a number less than 0.05 ETH & 30 ZIL and more than 10 ETH & 10000 ZIL.

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  • New Rewards page:

One of the favorite pages: check your rewards and balance, monitor your income. the page shows rewards separately for ETH and ZIL. Also, there’s show more to go through all of your rewards.

  • Download your rewards in a file:

Many miners do proper financial reports, which is why the ability to download all the payout could be really helpful for your reporting purposes!

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  • Link to Telegram bot:

Now your friend and assistant @ezil_me_bot is always there for you — just click on the link at your stats page.

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Please let us know what else would you like to see at Ezil. We are building our business around customers' needs so we would love to hear from you.

Happy mining!

Ezil team

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Increase your profit with EZIL mining: ZIL+ETH / ZIL+ETC. ZIL staking node operator.

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