Ezil.me Launches Referral Program And Cashback

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Hey miners!

You asked — we did that! Today we have a bunch of good news for you!

  • We have launched a referral program. Now you can earn even more with Ezil.me!
  • Ezil.me now offers cashback program for miners — this is our chance to say thank you for your loyalty and allow you to use an additional source of income. Because why not?

Before you rush to our website here are the details to guide you through the terms of both programs:

Referral Program:

You invite new miners to join Ezil.me, we share our income with you.

How much you can earn?

We pay 25% of our income which corresponds to 0.25% from every referred miner.

You don’t have to mine with Ezil.me yourself, all you need to do is create an account with us. To start your account please enter your pair of wallets ETH.ZIL in the search line, go to your account to Referral Program section, copy your link or promo code and share it with your friends, subscribers and fellow miners.

Where do I get the info?

In your account in Referral Program section you can always find your link, promo code.

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How do I check my referrals and income?

You can see you referral statistics at any time within the same Referral Program section.

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How to get new miners to join Ezil.me?

Your referred miners enter the promo code in their Referral Program section or alternatively click on the link, jump to the start page of the pool and connect the hardware to the pool. This way promo code would be applied automatically in miner’s account.

What’s in it for a referred miner?

Referred miiner receives 0.1% of the income as a cashback for the first two weeks after joining the pool.

Can I increase my earnings?

Sure! If you are ready to invite many miners we would be happy to discuss a special terms with you, please contact us in Telegram chat or by email vp@ezil.me

We believe our Referral program is truly beneficial for everyone.


In addition to our referral program miner can get a cashback (partial refund of pool fee to your balance).

How do I get cashback?

You need to activate your promo code in your account. You can find the activation form within the same Referral Program section. Also you can check the amount of your cashback and promo code expiration date in your account.

I’m in! Where do I get my promo code?

You can get promo code from your friends who mine with us, from time to time we will be sharing promo codes in our Telegram chat as a temporary offer https://t.me/ezil_me just join the chat and check the pinned message or ask any of our admins, also you can get promo codes from the YouTube vloggers partnering with us. We might think of different ways to share promo codes, stay tuned.

You can only activate one promo code at a time. Our newbie promo code is valid for all new miners who joined within the past 14 days. Promo code has its expiration date.

Important notice! We are beyond grateful to all the miners who has been loyal to Ezil for a long time. And for you we have a special gift — once we launch the cashback program you get a LIFETIME cashback of 0.1%!

Thank you for being with us!

Ezil.me Team

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