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Hey miners!
It’s time to say goodbye to 2020. We won’t be talking about how tough or weird was this year. Eventually we saw Bitcoin at an all time high of 29000$! Our team wishes you a Happy New Year!
Every team and individual is finalizing the results of the year and we’re no exception. Our team is happy and thankful for this journey with you!

  1. We’ve launched ETC+ZIL mining. Our pool has reached the hashrate required for independent mining without proxying to other pools.
  2. Started Referral and Cashback Programs for miners.
  3. We’ve become an official Zilliqa staking node operator. Now our miners can stake their rewards with us and receive some extra income in 2 coins ZIL and gZIL.
  4. We’ve significantly improved our services for the users who connect to our USA and Asian servers. Share acceptance time was reduced by 50%.
  5. Created a long requested dark mode for our website.
  6. Supported the ETC Thanos hard fork to give miners with 3 & 4Gb GPUs another chance to mine with us.
  7. Redesigned our stats page, now you can see stats for ETH & ETC separately.
  8. Started cooperation with Chinese miners and received very positive feedback.

Now let’s talk numbers!

Here's the pool's summary for 2020:

We have mined:

  • ETH: blocks 14531/coins 37124.31 ETH
  • ETC: blocks 1671/coins 5207.53 ETC
  • Zilliqa coins: 47229998 ZIL

Miners and workers:

  • Jan 2020: ETH+ZIL miners 290/workers 920
  • Dec 2020: ETH+ZIL miners 1761/workers 11511
  • Jan 2020: ETС+ZIL miners 0/workers 0
  • Dec 2020: ETC+ZIL miners 176/workers 361

Pool Hashrate:

  • Jan 2020 ETH+ZIL — 400 Gh/s
  • Dec 2020 ETH+ZIL — 2.5 Th/s
  • Jan 2020 ETC+ZIL — 0
  • Dec 2020 ETC+ZIL — 55 Gh/s

ZIL staking:

  • 93,178,991.507 ZIL staked with node

We’ve grown to become THE BIGGEST ZIL POOL worldwide!

Thank you for your feedback, it helped us to improve our services and prioritize the development tasks for 2021. Together we will be working on improving our pool’s performance for the better profitability and interface for smoother user experience with us. Together we will grow and develop. Thanks for mining with us in 2020.

Happy New Year 2021! Team

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Increase your profit with EZIL mining: ZIL+ETH / ZIL+ETC. ZIL staking node operator.

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