ETC + ZIL Is Officially Live!

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Hey miners,

Based on one of your most frequent requests a week ago we have launched a public beta test of ETC + ZIL mining. We would like to take a chance to thank all of the miners who participated for your valuable feedback and many helpful insights and improvements proposals!

We made some adjustments to our interface, fixed a few minor bugs and are now ready to launch ETC+ZIL mining officially.

Here are the new features that come with ETC+ZIL mining:

  • Now you can mine ETC(Ethermine) + ZIL(Ezil)
  • We have updated our mining instructions for START page
  • Changed the ETC payouts
  • Re-developed the income prediction module
  • Added a few design updates to improve your experience with us

Mining fee for ETC — 0%.

For more details about every improvement please read on.

ETC+ZIL mining

Once you connect to our pool we will redirect you to the one of the biggest an allegedly most profitable pools,, prior to the start of ZIL round (every 1,5 hours) will automatically switch your rig to ZIL mining, and once ZIL round is over you will be seamlessly switched back to mining ETC. No action required from you, the process runs just like your regular ETC mining.

We have updated our mining instructions for START page.

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For your convenience we have added an instruction on how to set up ETC+ZIL mining in a few clicks on the START page.

Changed the ETC payouts

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To change your minimum payout in ETC you have to go to your account at вам (you can get to your account right from your account) and amend the amount of minimum payout by putting your IP address in settings.

If you can see IP *.*.*.183 — then you should enter — this is the IP address of Ezil pool. In other cases please enter your IP address.

New income prediction module

Now you can you your cumulative income in USD, the rates come from Cryptocompare via API. Your ZIL income is calculated based on your historical data for the past 24 hours, ETC income is based on Ethermine data.

Design improvements

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You can quickly get to your account at from your Ezil account, all you need to do is click on ETC balance link.

Your ETC income and payouts — we have added the links to this data in your account.

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That's all for now! Let us know what is your favorite pair ETC+ZIL or ETH+ZIL?

Happy mining!

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Increase your profit with EZIL mining: ZIL+ETH / ZIL+ETC. ZIL staking node operator.

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