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Hey miners.

We’ve moved to a new hosting recently. This effort was meant to optimize the overall pool’s performance and improve your user experience.

First of all, moving from Cloudflare would be good news for our Russian miners since some of you had trouble accessing our website without proxy. This was caused by the restrictions imposed by the Russian Federal Service for Supervision of Communications and Information Technology also known as Roskomnadzor. Our new hosting addresses are out of the restricted list so you can access Ezil without walkaround methods.

Also, new hosting will allow using geo-distribution in the future (US, EU), this will help miners who experienced some issued reaching our servers (poor ping).

We would expect an improvement in uncle rate since now Ezil is closer to the major pools which minimize the nodes delay. The overall pool’s performance should increase as we added more servers.

We hope you are enjoying these recent improvements.

If you have any questions or requests for further improvements you know what to do!

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